We are an active local group in Shropshire aiming to develop the ideas of Doughnut Economics and create practical approaches for how our community in The Strettons can thrive in the future. 

If you would like to get involved, please contact us and
come along to one of our regular Working Group meetings or our new monthly Doughnut Cafe at Berrys!


The Doughnut model

The Doughnut model provides a simple visualisation of the challenge of delivering a future that meets the basic needs of all its citizens and enables them to thrive, while ensuring that we avoid overshooting key planetary boundaries. 

The model embraces tackling climate change, biodiversity loss, ocean acidification, and pollution. 

The aim is for everyone – individuals, society and nations – to live a balanced and sustainable life, within Ecological Limits but with the essential Social Foundation, ensuring that everyone is able to meet basic needs such as food, water, energy, education, health and justice. 

The Doughnut approach simply describes a Safe Space for Humanity – which means we don’t fall below the essential Social Foundation, and don’t overshoot the Ecological Ceiling. 


Stretton Doughnut Group

  • Promoting a future for Church Stretton that meets people’s needs while staying within planetary limits 
  • Based on the Doughnut Economy concept developed by Kate Raworth 
  • Using inspiration from the Doughnut Economics Action Lab 
  • Action-focused and Data-driven initiative 

Click image to view video:
TED Talk – A healthy economy should be designed to thrive, not grow, Kate Raworth


What are we aiming to do? 

  • Develop practical proposals for The Strettons based on ‘Localising the Doughnut’ 
  • Create coherent policies and targets that recognise the rights of future generations 
  • Identify metrics that can be used to measure progress
  • Dare to imagine a different future 


Ways of Working 

  • Co-operative approach, co-creating ideas and solutions 
  • Harnessing local experience, talent and enthusiasm 
  • Not reinventing the wheel … but making sure it is a Stretton-shaped Doughnut 
  • Celebrating achievements within our community that advance Doughnut principles 
  • Working with, and alongside existing community groups 

Click image to view video:
Video: How the Dutch are reshaping their post-pandemic economy – BBC Reel